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Arguments, lists, barstool rants, queries, pedantic footnotes, play scripts, commonplace miscellany, profiles, and overly revealing memoir-ettes, How to Be Inappropriate adds up to the portrait of a something-becomesomething, bachelor-become-husband, boy-man-about-town who bumbles through life obsessed with one thing; extreme impropriety.

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In How to Be Inappropriate, Daniel Nester determines the boundary of acceptable behavior - mostly by disregarding it. As a here-to-cut-a-hipster-swathe-through-the-city man he looks for love with a Williamsburg abstract painter who has had her feet licked for money. As a teacher, he tries out curse words with Chinese students in ESL classes.

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Along the way, Nester provides a short cultural history on mooning and attempts to cast a spell on a neighbor who fails to curb his dog. He fields middle fingers from bratty NYU film students, explores the world of Christian parody bands, befriends exiled video game king Todd Rogers, re-imagines a conversation with NPR's Terry Gross, and invents a robot version of Kiss bassist Gene Simmons.

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For Daniel Nester, also known as Captain Embarrassment, to be inappropriate is a matter of worldview, a code fart pe penis behavior. Every moment skews to the profane, inappropriate, and just plain wrong.

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No matter which misadventure catches your eye, How to Be Inappropriate will make you appreciate that someone else has experienced these embarrassing sides of life, so you won't have to. Ce spun oamenii - Scrie o recenzie Nu am găsit nicio recenzie în locurile obișnuite.

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